Monday, September 27, 2010

Great Balls of Fire

While AT and I have attended a fabulous hot air balloon festival in Panguitch, UT (thanks to The Rock and Desertbound), we had yet to attend the annual one in St. Louis until last weekend. So, we loaded up the kids, met up with good friends, and braved the crowds.

The two above pictures are my favorites of the evening (well, of the balloons) and it took a LOT of bad pictures to get these two.
Invitation: Those with good cameras and much talent (you know who you are) are welcome to come next year!

Our family for the evening (we had our friends' little boy with us for the weekend). I like to believe Beemer is looking at a balloon.

THIS is my favorite picture of the night and I think it really speaks for itself!

The girls' favorite balloon, although the Energizer Bunny was a close second.

This was a night full of wrong turns, no cell phone coverage, traffic and about 4.5 miles of walking with 6 kids under 6. However, it was also one of laughter, friends, food, beauty and fun. It was an adventures that I will treasure for a long time to come.

Who's ready for next year?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Little Gym

A couple of weeks ago, Audi was invited to a "Bring a Friend" class at The Little Gym.
The girls had a really good time and played together well.

Can you believe these two are only two weeks apart and Audi is the older one?

LOVE that grin!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Paper Bag Princess

Apparently, it's genetic.

(Please disregard the mess in the background - I was cleaning when inspiration struck.)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Craft Night

After we got home from our camping trip, unpacked and showered we were all ready to spend the evening relaxing. So, we ordered a pizza and pulled out the crafts. Beemer had requested these owls from Oriental Trading Company awhile ago when I was ordering a bunch of other things. They were simple to put together and afterward we decorated the dining room with them.

Beemer was intent on following the directions exactly (even when placing the stickers) and was proud when they looked "just like the picture."

Audi was less exact, but just as proud of her abstract works of art.

Mine and Beemer's owls.

Ahenobarbus' and Audi's owls.

Can you guess whose is whose?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Johnson's Shut-Ins

As a part of the month-long celebration that is Ahenobarbus' birthday, we took the girls to Johnson's Shut-ins on Labor Day. Ahenobarbus posted a few pics last week and gave an excellent description of "shut-ins." So, rather than repeat, please click here to read his description. I do, however, have some great pictures to share!

Even the camping was good. The bugs were out in force, but it was a beautiful night. We had the campground almost to ourselves and we got to break-in our new tent! It was a super way to start off the birthday festivities! Happy Birth-month hon!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bye Bye Birdie

What do you do when a bird flies into the large picture window in the living room?

If you are Ahenobarbus, you run outside to check on the bird. And if you find that it is still alive (but perhaps not for long), you gingerly pick it up, hand it off to your five year old and take pictures!

Beemer gently cradling the bird. She also whispered quietly to it as she held it.

Beemer showing the bird to Audi, who only got to pet it carefully.

After a few minutes, Beemer (and Ahenobarbus) carefully set the bird down in a protected corner of the yard. When we returned later that morning, the bird was gone. Beemer was sure felt better and flew home to it's family.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Okay, so maybe that depends on your definition of "caving." But we did spend time in a cave with a tour guide and nice sturdy handrails - which is the only kind of caving to do with Audi along.

We went to Onodaga State Park and toured the Onodaga cave (there are two caves to tour at the park).

Beemer in her "favorite room in any cave - ever!"
She was enchanted throughout the tour.

Audi and me - right before she started stating loudly, "Mom, we better hurry. I'm afraid of heights" as we walked down a steep ramp. Nevermind that we were underground, or that Beemer taught her the phrase. She was determined.

At one point, the tour guide asked for Beemer's help. She got to hold the flashlight and lead the group!

My favorite room - the Lilypad room.

This cave was the best I have been in. The formations were breathtaking and the history fascinating, and the 57 degrees (when it was almost 100 outside) didn't hurt!
It was a great way to spend a Saturday!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Posin' at the Zoo

I'm not sure why the zoo elicited these poses, but they were too cute to not share!

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Audi really missed Beemer the first few days of school and she was really upset that she didn't get to ride the bus too. But I think she's starting to get used to some time to herself. Yesterday, I left her watching TV to fold laundry. When I came back, this is what I found...

Friday, September 3, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten

After a summer of waiting, Beemer has finally started Kindergarten. As you can see, she looked adorable and was SO excited! She has a great teacher and loves school. The first day was no big deal for her. Her favorite part? Riding the bus!

Beemer and her friend who lives around the corner (they are lucky enough to be in the same class and ride the bus together).

This picture may seem a bit odd, but I wanted to make sure I included one of all of the ladies from my neighborhood that were there that day. Only two of us had kids getting on the bus - but the other three came to support us (it was a bittersweet day). Having them unexpectedly show up at the bus stop was evidence of the amazing women they are and it made Beemer feel special to have her friends there.

Posing for one picture before getting on the bus. (It was kind of funny that all five kids at our stop posed for their parents before getting on the bus.)

And off she goes...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What We Did on Our Summer Vacation

Although blogging was not on the agenda, we did have lots of fun this summer.

In May, (I know, it wasn't technically summer yet) I got to attend one my favorite parts of Beemer's pre-school days: the Mother's Day program. Her class sang and danced for their moms and then served us refreshments!

Beemer and me

Beemer and her teacher

Beemer and her best friend in preschool!

I had to include this picture of my favorite Mother's Day gift - my own Zen Garden. Beemer painted the objects and glued them all in with the help of our next door neighbor.
I love it!

June started off with Beemer loosing her first tooth... and then her second later the same day!

And then her third ten days later...

And then her fourth a few days after that!
(They are starting to grow back.)

In July, we went to Utah to visit our families (well, the girls and I went to Utah while Ahenobarbus went to Leeds, England and joined us afterward). We had a fantastic trip! We watched movies, played miniature golf, spent lots of time with family, went to the zoo,

played in the river and had tin foil dinners, camped, ate amazing food, danced

struck a pose (or two), played with cousins,

and spent hours and hours playing in the sprinklers/pool!

Oh, and Ahenobarbus and I also got the chance to hike Subway Canyon in Zion National Park - it was inspiring to say the least!

It was tough to leave all of that fun. And when we got back to St. Louis, it took a few weeks to get back into the swing of things.

But we did fit in one day to pick blackberries and make freezer jam.

One short week later, Beemer started Kindergarten. But that is another post...