Tuesday, July 21, 2009


There are a few things that I wanted to share, but most of them only have one or two pictures. So, in the interest of efficiency and keeping Ms. Anonomous entertained, here are some random pictures and stories in no particular order.

In June, we visited the Meramec Caverns. It was a fun trip, but we didn't get many pictures due to lighting issues.

Beemer and I in the "straw room."

Ahenobarbus and Audi

Beemer and I in front of the Organ. This was my favorite formation.

In June, we got A LOT of rain. So much, that a river formed in our backyard. Yes, that is running water.

And the neighbor's lake.

Beemer went to summer camp this year at her pre-school. She was in a drama/singing class. The last day of class all of the families were invited to attend their production of "Teddy Bear's Picnic." She did a fantastic job. It was really cute. This is the teddy bear and picnic basket she made for the play.

The "Helmet's of Salvation" we made for Family Home Evening one night. Dad's lessons are always so much fun!

I couldn't leave this one out. This is Audi right after I took the elastics out of her hair.

Beemer requested this one.

Audi just stopped taking her morning nap. Not because she wasn't sleeping during nap time, but because when she did take two naps, she didn't fall asleep at night until 8:30 or 9. It's been a hard transition for her. Sunday is the worst. It's all I can do to get her home and fed before she falls asleep. Most of the time, she's asleep before we get home and I have to wake her up for lunch. This particular Sunday, I woke her up and set her down on the couch to get her highchair ready. When I turned back around, all of 1 minute later, this is what I found. I just picked her up and laid her in her bed. When you are THIS tired, food can wait.

Beemer's love this summer is bugs. She has learned to catch her own fireflies and crickets. But her real love is potato bugs. She catches as many as she can find and makes them her pets for a few hours then lets them "go back to their families." Here she is with one of her numberless potato bugs this summer. She loves the way they feel when they crawl on her hand!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Not long ago, Ahenobarbus and I pruned some branches from one of our trees. When we finished, we turned around to see Beemer carrying some of the larger branches away. She worked hard to balance them against the swingset and with a little help from daddy created this FABULOUS lean-to.

Which immediately became a castle...

fit for a princess!