Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pet Sitting

During winter break we had the pleasure of pet sitting for some friends. We got to spend two weeks with an adorable hamster named Fuzzy and a very cool leopard gecko named Loose. As you can imagine Beemer fell madly in love with both animals. She just couldn't get enough of them.

Beemer and Fuzzy

Seriously, how could you not love that face?

Awwww - hamster kisses. Fuzzy loved Beemer too.

Loose liked to crawl up on Beemer's shoulder and hide under her hair. She thought it tickled.

Here's a full body shot of Loose - so cool!
We really enjoyed having our guests and while we aren't adding any more pets to our family just yet, we can't wait to pet sit again!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Pastime OR It's All Because I Laughed

Over a year ago I was on the phone with my sister when she suddenly said, "Please don't drink water out of the dishwasher!" In about the same amount of time it took me to realize that she was not talking to me, but instead to my one year old niece, I was also overcome with a horrid case of the giggles. She was not as amused as I was. Mainly because this was not the first time she had dealt with this problem. But since that time we have joked many times about writing a book containing the many things we never thought we'd say as parents.

Fast forward to this year. My niece and Audi have a very unique relationship (even from thousands of miles away). But even I didn't realize the extent of their bond, until I found myself saying to Audi "Please don't play in the water in the dishwasher." The first time, I laughed. But by then she was hooked. Now, every time I open the dishwasher to load or unload, she squeals, and crawls as fast as she can to the dishwasher to help (which consists of pulling out the utensils and chewing on them)!

When Ahenobarbus is home, his job is to keep Audi back from the dishwasher (it grosses me out and it could get dangerous - she seems drawn to the sharp knives). One night, Ahenobarbus was distracted and couldn't seem to keep Audi back. She was as determined as ever to get to me and the dishwasher. Ahenobarbus, being Ahenobarbus, pulled out his webbing and rope and rigged up a harness for her. Then he tied the rope to a kitchen chair so that Audi could still crawl and be in the same room as me, but not get to the dishwasher. Here's the result:

The harness accomplished it's intended purpose pretty well, but as for Audi's feelings on the matter, I think this picture says it all!

She was okay with the whole thing until she realized that she couldn't get across the kitchen - no matter how she tried or from which angle she crawled. After about three minutes, she was so frustrated with the restraint that I couldn't leave her in the harness any longer. So Ahenobarbus snapped a few pictures, and we set her free.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Holly, Jolly Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas! We were all very spoiled by our families and friends and the girls both got just what they wanted from Santa! (Notice the picture of Beemer and her PINK alligator - email me if you'd like the details of that story). After hours of opening gifts, we had friends over for a fantastic Christmas dinner, and then spent the night enjoying each other and our new games.