Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Haircut

Beemer has been blessed with very thick hair. It swings when she walks and shines in the sun. However, it also snarles very easily. I condition and detangle it after every bath, and she still cries when I comb it out (I don't blame her). So, I decided it was time to give her another haircut.

This is right before we started the haircut. We discussed how short to cut it and compromised with the just under her chin (the length of her bangs now that she is growing them out).

However, once the length was off her hair, it bounced up to just above her chin - just where she wanted it. This is right after I finished.

And this is after we styled it - which with this cut means I brushed it and flipped some back for the picture =). She LOVES it. She asked if I thought people would think she's a teenager! And me, I like it more than I thought I would. I just can't believe how grown-up she looks!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dad is SO cool!

Saturday, while Ahenobarbus worked, I built the girls a fort/tent. I used the back of the couch and two chairs. It was okay for running through and playing Barbies in.

But then...

We decided to have a movie night and the girls wanted to watch the movie from their fort. So some rearrangement was necessary to be able to see the tv.

Enter Dad...

He built a MUCH cooler and MUCH more stable tent with direct TV access.

The girls loved watching their movie all set up with pillows and their favorite blankets! After the movie, Beemer talked us into letting her sleep in the tent.

When we got up on Sunday this is what we found. TV, snacks, blanket, pillows, doll, and monkey: what more could a girl want?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Visitors and Sausages

Last Wednesday, my mom and step-dad, Steve, flew in to surprise Beemer for Grandparents' Day (at her school). She was SO surprised! She cried and couldn't talk when she first answered the door when they arrived! We had a great visit and spent five days playing hard. We managed to make it to the Science Center, Grandparents' Day, the Zoo, the Art Museum, and the Botanical Gardens. We also fit in time to swim in the hotel pool, attend church and have a birthday party for Audi (pictures of all of this coming soon)! But I think the story of the weekend happened Saturday morning.

We went to breakfast at IHOP before heading to the gardens. Beemer ordered a breakfast with eggs, bacon, sausage and pancakes and proceeded to eat the entire thing without really pausing. At one point, the waitress came to check on our table. We all said we were okay, then Beemer piped up, "And by the way, these sausages are DELICIOUS! They are fantastico!" We all laughed at her exuberance and then continued eating. The next thing we knew, the chef was standing at our table with two more sausages for Beemer and told her they were "on the house." She was thrilled. She even said they were good enough to eat without ketchup, a high complement, eh Kat?