Monday, May 18, 2009

The Middle

In the beginning, Audi walked with help, then she took a few (ok, two) steps on her own (in April) and decided that walking was too much work. Then, last week, she finally decided that maybe she could walk across the room.

(Jamie, thanks for the video editing!)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

10 years

May 15, 1999

Ten years ago, Ahenobarbus and I were married. It's amazing how time distorts itself, sometimes moving so slowly, sometimes feeling like no time has passed at all. I still feel so lucky to have found and married my best friend. He has made me laugh every day since we met and has helped me learn not to take life (or myself) so seriously. I treasure the fact that I can still see just how much he loves me in his eyes when he looks at me and how happy we are together. Our life together is an adventure and I can't think of anyone I would rather share the trip with!

I love you, honey!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mother's Day

As I am married to a medievalist, my Mother's Day is different than most. Every year, the International Congress on Medieval Studies is Mother's Day weekend. Not just the second weekend in May, no specifically Mother's Day weekend. If this is because the medievalists who plan the conference don't have mother's I have yet to decide. However, my dear husband is off to said conference each year and I have the weekend to remember why I love being a mom.

This year, my weekend began with Beemer's Mother's Day program at school. It was so sweet. The kids all got to sit on our laps while they sang us songs. Then we got to have our picture taken together, and were given our "gifts." The gifts consisted of a folder with a fabulous artistic rendering of me on the front.

I don't know if you can see it in the picture, but I have a "beautiful gold necklace" on.

Inside the folder were examples of Beemer's art and work throughout the year, but this is my favorite one by far. She got it mostly right and I did enjoy the fact that she thought I was 18. She thinks teenagers are SO cool.

My sister did this activity with Beemer over the phone and sent it to me this week. I couldn't not include it. She got a lot of things right on with this one too - although this time I seem to have aged quickly...

So, I spent the weekend playing with my girls. It was fabulous. I feel special to be able to honor Mother's Day in a unique way. It isn't a day off for me - Ahenobarbus does that other times of the year- it's a day to cherish my girls and remember why I love what I do.

Sunday evening, Ahenobarbus returned home - with roses.

Maybe because he knows Beemer loves flowers too, or maybe just because he is that kind of guy, Ahenobarbus brought Beemer a rose too!

It was a beautiful end to a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Blue Dress

After I posted the pictures of my girls in my blue dress, my mom decided I really did need to post some of me too. So, thanks to my sister's dilligent searching and my mom's (newly acquired and completely efficient) scanning, here they are.

So, which of my girls do you think looks more like me? And yes, they do both have more hair than I did.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

He is SO cool!

Last weekend, Ahenobarbus got the pleasure of holding Liberty for Camera Day at the World Bird Sanctuary. Basically, Camera Day is a day for photographers to get a chance to take pictures of the birds up close and personal, as well as in flight. Wildbound, you would have LOVED it!

Ahenobarbus and Liberty (isn't he beautiful).

Our favorite picture of the day! Isn't my hubby just the coolest?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Daddy and Dinner

One night last week, I was cleaning up dinner when I heard hysterical laughter coming from the bedrooms. I grabbed the camera (of course) and ran down the hall to find this.

This is why Daddies are important, I would not have thought that leggings on Audi's head would be so much fun, but she thought it was pretty hilarious!

And I couldn't resist adding these last three pictures. These were taken right after dinner while she was waiting for me to clean her up. She was so tired, she zoned out a little. But I love the fact that you can tell just how much she liked her dinner!

Such a cutie -even with speghetti sauce up to her eyebrow!

Friday, May 1, 2009

My Blue Dress

When I was about one, my Mom crocheted a beautiful blue dress and had my picture taken in it. Unfortunately, I don't have the pictures (they are in storage) to share. But I do want to share these pictures of my girls in the dress.

Beemer when she was about 1 and a half - I was a bit late getting this picture. (Don't mind the deer-in-the-headlights-look, at this age it was either this or completely cheesy smiles for her.)

Audi at one. Sitting in Aunt Jojo's rocking chair. The dress fits her perfectly now and I really want to show it off, but I am so protective of it. I'm still undecided about her wearing it to church. So, for now I'm contenting myself with just sharing pictures. Enjoy!