Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Better Late Than Never...

Our Halloween was super fun this year. We had a neighborhood party, Beemer's classroom party and parade, carved pumpkins and roasted the seeds and even fit in a bit of Trunk-or-Treating. Unfortunately, I only got a pictures of a few of those events.

Beemer designing her pumpkin while AT carves Audi's.

AT and Audi's pumpkins.

Mine and Beemer's pumpkins.

The kids at the neighborhood party. It was SO much fun and a great excuse to wear our costumes.

The girls and me. I was dressed up as Velma so we all matched, but you can't really tell that in this picture.

My super-adorable girls. They both loved their costumes and we so excited that they went "together." Happy Late Halloween Everyone!

Monday, November 15, 2010


The middle of October, Ahenobarbus' mom and sister came for a visit. They surprised the girls. Beemer was so excited when she saw them, she started to cry! We had a fabulous visit. Autumn is my favorite time of year in Saint Louis and it is the perfect time to visit. For those of you who haven't been to visit yet (Ahem!) or those who want to come again, please pay close attention to all St. Louis has to offer:

We have the best welcoming committee in the world!
(Beemer running into Grandma's arms!)

Lots of cuddle opportunities with the cutest girls you can imagine!

Visits to the Arch.

Breathtaking photo ops at the Missouri Botanical Gardens.
(All of the fabulous pictures in this post are courtesy of Ahenobarbus' sister, Kat, as are the new ones on the blog. The ones that are only ok are mine.)


(This was Beemer's first Fun Run.)

Swimming lessons.
(Ok -these aren't that exciting if you aren't a Grandma.)

Neighborhood Halloween Parties!

And what trip would be complete without a family nap?

Thanks for coming guys. We loved every minute of it!