Friday, June 15, 2007

The Honesty of a Child

After our recent trip to the zoo, Beemer informed me that her favorite animal was her cousin Talen...

When asked what happened when she let go of my hand in the store (I was looking for the answer "I have to ride in a the cart") Beemer said, "I get to walk all by myself!"...

When sharing ice cream with me today, Beemer said "Mommy, I don't need you[r] help, you need my help" right as I dropped a spoonful of ice cream down my shirt...

And when talking to her dad on the phone this week, Beemer said, "Daddy you need to come home and be with us!"

I couldn't agree more - we miss you sweetie!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Here Come the Dinosaurs

On my last day of work (6/1/07) my nephews left me adorable voicemail messages telling me how excited they were for me to "be done" and asking for me to "go to the Dinosaur park soon." So yesterday, most of my family did just that! The kids had a great time exploring and checking out the dinosaurs.

We even found the Maiasaura (Beemer's middle name is Maia) that her cousin was so anxious for her to see! Here she is next to the dino's name plaque and standing by the dinosaur she is apparently named after!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

The First Hair Cut

Beemer had never had a haircut...(I don’t count the bang trims I attempt every few weeks)…until today. This is a picture of her last week showing off her new flower barrettes. You can see some of the length of her hair - it was down to the middle of her back or so.

Here she is holding "really still" getting her first hair cut in a salon!

And here she is modeling her new do. She loves it and told us how pretty she is!
(Of course, we never argue when she announces that!)

Friday, June 8, 2007


My husband Ahenobarbus amazes me! His blog is literary and visual art... his own masterpiece. And yet I still insist on requesting topics for him to consider - so rather than continue in the pursuit of frustration, I have finally decided to begin my own blog (with a great helping of Beemer throughout). Hopefully, between both of them, you will be able to keep up with our family happenings. Enjoy!