Friday, March 13, 2009


When (knowing what I have or have not read) some of your comments didn't make sense to me, I reread my post. When I originally published, I listed Beemer's books in light pink and I believe that is what created the confusion. I think the post is clearer now.

And to respond to your comments:
I have read (and loved) the entire Chronicles Series. Beemer is anxious to start the next one in the series.

I still occasionally think of Mr. James postulating in his "thinking" position =).

I am not sure why some series count as one book, but I agree they shouldn't, and I also think there should be points given for those books that just can't be finished - without great will power and lots of time! (I have a few on my started-but-not-completed-list also.) And don't worry, there was no escaping Grapes of Wrath =).


Nate and Sum said...

Thanks for making that a little clearer for people like me! :) I was a little shocked that you hadn't read the Chronicles of Narnia series... I should have known better.

Anonymous said...

Okay, enough about books. Lets move on to a post about your adorable kids...or you, I guess that would work, too.=)

Anonymous said...

Seriously!? What are you doing with all your spare time that you can't post a new blog!!!

Jamie said...

I can see Mr. James in his "thinking" position, too, while chewing a piece of gum. That was such a fun class. :) Good times, good times.