Thursday, March 27, 2008

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

As Beemer missed the Easter Egg hunts in Utah, Aunt Jodie sent us the eggs Beemer would have found had she been in Utah on Easter (it's no wonder the kids all love her so much). The box got here yesterday and we had the hunt once Ahenobarbus got home. As you can tell from the video, Beemer didn't mind the delay at all!


BillyCheese said...

Easter is so much funner with young children around. For me, the bag of candy remains unopened and is sitting on the counter. The extra mile is if the candy is in a dish of some sort.

Ahenobarbus Textor said...

It didn't last long, in-doors, and with only one seeker. She was still awefully cute, though.

Anonymous said...

Loved watching this video. She's so cute. I love the enthusiasm. Glad she was feeling better for this one.

(Oh, and thanks for enabling anonymous comments. (Notice how I didn't sign my name? Just for you.:) ))